stainless steel
stainless steel


Stainless steel is a difficult material to work with, but also the most noble. This guarantees exceptional corrosion resistance under the most severe environmental and chemical conditions.


The use of stainless steel guarantees good mechanical properties and better mechanical hardness. It is stronger than brass and zamak. This increases part life, reduces breakage, and enables manufacturing parts that would be impossible to produce with softer or weaker metals. Stainless steel does not crack if dropped.


Stainless steel polishes better and keeps polished longer than brass and zamak. Polishability of metal is also a function of chemical composition and hardness level. Stainless steel is harder than brass and denser than zamak. By using exclusively purest quality of stainless steel with the lowest level of contaminants, we have the ability to achieve a mirror polish finish of superior quality.


Stainless steel is the safest material compared to brass or zamak. It is by its own composition lead free. Because PVD platings can be applied directly to stainless steel, it does not need nickel or any other toxic chemicals during the plating process. There are no reports of skin irritation by stainless steel. The potential of stainless steel to provoke reactions in nickel‐sensitized persons has been tested in a number of studies. The results clearly show that no allergic reactions occur, and based on this, stainless steel can be regarded as safe even in persons with nickel allergy.